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Your Story

It all started with one of you taking the courage to ask the other one out. Maybe you needed a gentle push from a friend to take the step and start dating. Or maybe everything just evolved naturally. I want to know! How did you meet? Where was your first kiss? Who proposed? If you where to describe your partner in crime with three words, which ones would you choose? I would describe my wife with: Endless kindness, super talented and heart warming. You’re probably thinking “Hey, that’s more than three words!” But as they say “All is Fair in Love and War 

When it comes to the wedding films I produce, I want it to reflect who you are, how your wedding day was and what made it so special. It’s in all those little details you’ve worked so much for, in the laughs, in the hugs, in the kiss.

Keep reading to know more about how I go about it!