Music & Sound

In the film world they say sound is half the picture. That is why I give it so much attention. Being able to hear the vows clearly, or the speeches without too much rumble from other guests is important. So important I dedicate a whole section to it!

In order to capture the best sound possible I like to provide at least one of you with a microphone. And before you start imagining big ugly microphones in the picture, take a look at the video below: This is Darius, btw a good friend of mine, and he has a microphone capturing really good audio from his vows during an outdoor ceremony. Look close. Can you see it? I thought so - neither can I!

Music, music, music! Having a background as musician and music teacher myself the right choice of style and quality is very important. Also, I can assure you that all music I use is licensed so your film can be showed for the internet in all it’s glory!