How I Work

A wedding day is filled with a lot of emotions - both good ones and, for most couples, stressful ones as well. When I film a wedding the most important for me is to help you focus on what really matters and that is enjoying your big day! The last thing I want is for you to start worrying about how the film is going to end up like or getting in the way of having a great day with your guests!

Therefore I like to meet up either over a nice fika (I’m a bit of a coffee nerd btw) or through a video call. That way we can spend some time getting to know each other. Here we have the chance to talk about as many details you have planned for the wedding as well as my methods for capturing the first dance, good audio for the speeches etc.

After our meeting I contact other vendors like the photographer, the venue and church/town hall so we get to know each other and be one big super team. You can call us your A-team ;-)

inFrame Weddings - How I Work