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Mikel Morueta Holme

How far would you go for a cup of home brewed coffee? I took my board, caught a train, crossed the border and back again to get my favourite cup of coffee. So yeah, I’m a coffee lover!

I like to travel, food, learn new things, music and filmmaking - there’s just nothing better than doing things you love! Did I mention I like coffee?

I’m multi-lingual with Spanish and Danish as my roots and English, Swedish and Katalan on top - oh, and a bit of Portuguese (read Portañol) as the cherry on the very top.

I’ve worked in this field for 5 years and see every day as a new challenge that I like to tackle with enthusiasm!

Whether working as solo-shooter, or I get to bring my A-team with me, the most important thing for me is to give my customers the great value they deserve.

So, enough about me! What are you up to? Shoot me a note and let’s start a journey together!